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Pet Policy

Pet owners must register their dog and/or cat with Burton Star Properties management. Each owner is required to pay a pet rent of $35.00 per month, for each APPROVED pet, for the duration of the apartment lease term and subsequent renewal leases. The Tenant is personally responsible for the actions of their pet (s), at all times, inside the apartment and on the Burton Star Properties premises.
Should the tenant decide to own, or add, a pet, after moving in to the apartment, they will notify Burton Star Properties management and arrange for APPROVAL of the pet (s) prior to the animal's arrival. In the event that Burton Start Properties management is NOT notified of any pet additions to the household, the Tenant is considered in violation of the terms of the apartment lease. Fines may be assessed beginning at $200 for the first offense, and/or Burton Star Properties may terminate the tenant's lease.
Other Policy Restrictions:
1. No animal over 35 pounds is permitted, at any time, on the property.
2. Each tenant may have a maximum of two (2) animals per unit.
3. Breeds restrictions may apply; please see management to obtain a list.
4. Excessive animal noise will not be tolerated.
All pet owners are required to consider their neighbors as part of being a responsible pet owner. All registered complaints regarding any pet will be directed to the Tenant who must comply with management regulations. All pets must be on a leash when walking around the Burton Star Properties premises; the owner must clean up after their animals. The property management may exercise their right to remove a pet that is neglected or poses a safety threat for other Burton Star Properties tenants and their visitors.
Thank you for your cooperation.
The Burton Star Properties Management

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